Animals and Plants Animals and Plants End of Autumn Size: 35x25 Price: SOLD 172791053 Fungal foray Size: 25x35 Price: 80 172791054 Young elephants on the Serengeti Size: 22x16 Price: SOLD 164462241 Young Heron Size: 25x35 SOLD 189055898 Comma butterfly on bramble Size 21x15 Price 60 194214203 Heron in field Size 21x15 Price: SOLD 194214744 Pouncing falcon Size: 20x25 Price: 50 172791057 Small tortoiseshell on thistle Size: 15x21 Price: SOLD 194214745 Lilies Size: 30x20 Price: 50 172791055 Two Gannets Size: 21x15 SOLD 197589508 Roe Deer Size:25x35 Price: 60 197589509 Tiger face Size 30x30 Price 80 Thanks to Michael Vickers, a dedicated IFAW supporter, who took the photo which inspired this painting. Any profits from the sale of this painting will be donated to IFAW., 203984666 The old dog (Bert) Size 23x33 Price SOLD 199514933 Owl Size 33x23 Price SOLD 200389271 Tia Size 23x30 Price SOLD 200389272 Boxer Size 24x34 SOLD 203048221 Ralph Size 24x34 SOLD 203048222 Tiger cat Size 30x30 SOLD 205244077